What awaits you at ALIGN

When you look into my eyes,
when you sit with me,
when you talk with me;
may all the goodness in my being be felt by you.

Know that no matter what you are: whether it is in pain, weak, frustrated, sad, limited in what you can do, my support for you will not change. My attentiveness and love towards you will not change.

When you step into ALIGN, may you feel the welcomeness of your being just as you are.

This is what awaits you at ALIGN as you go through the healing process.

(At ALIGN physical rehab, we will develop a program that includes the mental, emotional, and physical training of healing so that you can find freedom from pain and suffering… and return to peace, ease and confidence. To start your personalized program with 1-on-1 sessions contact Rachel Donen at rachel@alignphysicalrehab.com Toronto location: Roncesvalles.)