For 41 years I have made it through pain, discomfort and suffering. Now I can see when these old patterns come up, that instead of trying to get rid of them, all that is needed is love and support.

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Out of the greatest love, presence based practice will always ask more of you.

Not because you are not doing enough.

But because it can see your greatest potential and it will ask you to rise to meet this. Each and every time.

As your teacher, with much love, I will ask more and more from you. As I know what is within you, waiting… the greatest love, peace and strength you could imagine. It is here.

It’s time to rise up and realize this.

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Looks like Charlie is ready for yoga!

Mon-Wed 7:30am Yoga Online
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Come join Charlie and the ALIGN community for yoga class.

Let your body, mind, and spirit be at peace.


Join Rachel Donen for a guided yoga class that will ease your body into awakening for the day.


May we see that love is waiting for us.

When we practice, our being is waiting to return to love.

When we practice together, our being is ready to be in the love waiting for us.

Come now, it’s time.


Online meditation and yoga classes.

Join us online for Monday night meditation

Practice together.

Let the community support your practice.

Let the teachings inform your practice.

It’s time to practice.



I can see Charlie is ready for meditation.

Whether it is viewing the garden, sipping a cup of tea, or sitting; the ALIGN community meets online for meditation classes.

Tune in to hear the teachings of meditation that will bring peace, love and freedom to your life.

Tune in to be part of a community that is loving and supportive… and fun.

Tune in to be together on this journey.

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When we have been in pain for a long time or when we have had a trauma in our life, it is very hard not to be overtaken with fear. Truly we don’t know if we are going to make it.

Our survival instinct kicks in. Getting off the survival/fear response can be difficult. The neuro-immune pattern developed helps maintain it. It almost becomes choice less. We must take back that choice. We must start to interrupt that pattern. We must make a new pattern, one that deeply lets our being know we are safe and unconditionally loved. We must change our neuro-immune pattern. This is possible. […]

You have an infinite amount of creativity.

Whenever you want you can access this unlimited creativity.

Just sit down or stand… something will always be created if you give it space. Wait, listen, watch. Your being will have an urge to follow what it sees and feels to create. Perhaps you see a movement, let your body move. Perhaps you hear a thought, let your being write. Or perhaps you feel a feeling, let your being express through whatever medium is in alignment with you.

Watch the magic of the universe create. It is there for you. You can trust it will always be there. Even silence or nothing is a form of creation. Hold that spaciousness and watch how the infiniteness of creativity flows through you.

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