Resting in love

I will not withdraw my love from this moment.

Let this be your practice.

The most heart breaking thing you can do is to withdraw your love from this moment. To be out of your love. Don’t let anything take you out of your love… it will try. Not pain, not a person, not a situation.

Remember, in the end only you can take yourself out of your love. No one else does this to you. Their is no blame or judgment if you do this. Just know you are that source of love. You can return yourself back to your love.

Let another person be in their worry or anger or blame if they are. You can still rest in your beautiful love while putting up a boundary. A boundary that says, that being is responsible for their inner environment. I will allow them to hold their space, their inner world. I will not participate. I do not have to meet them there. I do not have to sooth their state. I do not have to dislike them for that energy to go away. Stand in your love and be out of another’s space that is holding qualities you do agree to be in.

See what your moments feel like when you do not put love out of your heart. When you allow others to be what they are and do not join in if it is not in alignment with your being.

Remove yourself from a situation if you need to or ask a person to meet you in harmony, steadiness or love. All beings are responsible for the space they share together, by asking another to meet you here you are asking them to take responsibility too for the space. If they won’t, then find a situation that harmonizes with the qualities you want to rest in. Always. Don’t compromise it. Your heart will break if you do.

Let this be your practice.

Say to your being each day: “I will not put love out of my heart.”

This does not mean you have to like what the other person is doing our an outcome, it just means in your heart, the place you rest, you will not withdraw that love.

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